What specialization is needed?

The University offers a bachelor of science (B.S.) in biology with a specialization in medical laboratory science.

This degree program prepares students to take the national certification examination to practice as medical laboratory scientists (otherwise known as medical technologists) in healthcare, industry, business, and research. The program also prepares students to become certified in a specialty area of molecular pathology as well as gain skills for forensic laboratory investigation and basic research. In addition, coursework is excellent preparation for medical and other professional schools.

The program combines patient care with scientific, managerial, and analytical studies to prepare the student to be an integral part of a professional health care team. Students cover topics from the application of basic science concepts to specimen analysis associated with the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

This is a «3 + 1» degree program that allows students to complete three years of classroom and laboratory study at Indiana State University and a fourth year in a clinical practicum at an affiliated hospital.

Coursework during the first three years includes study in the following areas:

  • Biological sciences, including human physiology, immunology, microbiology and genetics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Upon successful completion of coursework, students complete a 12-month senior year in an accredited affiliate hospital laboratory program off campus.

During this clinical year, students work side-by-side with practicing medical laboratory scientists in hospital laboratories when not in related classroom sessions. Many students are hired by the clinical facility—sometimes even during the clinical experience—as soon as they have successfully completed a rotation and passed examinations in one of the clinical laboratory areas. The program has a 100% employment rate.

Student may participate in several program-related student organizations such as the Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, Xi Kappa Chapter. The Medical Laboratory Science majors are encouraged to get involved in one of the medically related, ongoing research projects in the Biology Department.